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Let Your Body Speak - the book about your organs - by Ewald Kliegel & Anne Heng - Findhorn Press - Forres IV36 2TF - Scotland

Ewald Kliegel with the images of Anne Heng

Let Your Body Speak - the book about your organs 

Findhorn Press - Forres IV36 2TF - Scotland

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Reflexology on the Fingernails
At first glance, this somatotopic system on the fingernails from of the Sino-Indian culture seems quite unusual. Firstly, one wouldn't expect anything of this kind there and secondly, the information on the fingernails are well hidden.

The signs reveal themselves only after a slight pressure on the nail of about 5 seconds. Then the irregularities appear at the area where the nail is connected to the nail bed and then they stay visible for a few moments.

The interpretation of the signs is fairly simple and provides interesting informations on health status:
Zones which remain noticeably pale in relation to the environment show energy deficiency in the concerned organ system and areas that remain reddish we can assume an energy surplus.
Reflexology on the Fingernails

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