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Let Your Body Speak - the book about your organs - by Ewald Kliegel & Anne Heng - Findhorn Press - Forres IV36 2TF - Scotland

Ewald Kliegel with the images of Anne Heng

Let Your Body Speak - the book about your organs 

Findhorn Press - Forres IV36 2TF - Scotland

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Reflexology ApplicationsREFLEXOLOGY - the "Maps of Health" 
Ewald Kliegel
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Reflexology - Applications
Color Light and Miscellaneous
In all ancient cultures the sun was worshipped and used for healing. The magic has been replaced by scientific knowledge. Fritz-Albert Popp and others could prove that our cells use coherent light, so-called biophotons to communicate with each other and that they react to colour vibrations, which are transmitted through the skin into the body. Acupuncture points and meridians as well as the somatotopies are particularly susceptible to these applications. Thus we can explain that information of coloured light can balance energetic disequilibriums and disharmonies.

Waves are the carriers of information in other forms of treatment as well. These applications include for example

However, there are also non-technical methods, e.g. the applications of

...and ultimately we may include gemstone treatments in this category as well because they are also based on waves and resonances.

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