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Let Your Body Speak - the book about your organs 

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Reflexology - Basics
In 1999, the scientists Drs Sudmeier, Bodner, Egger, Mur, Ulmer and Herold of the University Hospital of Innsbruck, published a study titled:

Using colour Doppler sonography blood flow changes of the right kidney during foot reflexology were determined in a placebo-controlled, double-blind, randomised study.

In this placebo-controlled study, the researchers administered to 17 women and 15 men massages on the sole of the right foot. One half of the participants was massaged the area of the right kidney, while the other was treated at the zones of the paranasal sinuses and ears.

After an initial measurement of the flow rate of the right renal artery, the feet were massaged. Neither the volunteers nor the giver knew about what zones have been massaged. After 2 minutes after starting a second measurment was carried out during the treatment and the third measurement of the renal flow was followed after 6 minutes after the massage.

The result was clear. In the group whose renal zones were massaged, there was a significant change occurring in the flow of the renal artery. This, says the study, represents a reduction in renal vascular resistance that implies increase of the blood circulation. The results substantiate the hypothesis that organ-associate foot reflexology treatment affeted temporarily positively the renal blood flow.

In the discussion, the authors proceed even further and say that the hope may be justified for a long-term effectiveness after a series of treatments.

Given the cautious scientific conclusions about this result we can regard it as a milestone in the recognition of reflexology on the feet. This study shows that the organ locations on the feet, which have proven themselves millions of times in the experience, are even scientifically quite sustainable.

Other interesting studies:

Universität Ulster - Reflexology for the treatment of pain in people with multiple sclerosis
(Oct. 2009)

University of Jena (Ger)- Effectiveness of reflexology at osteoarthritis of the knee proven
(Jun 2006)

Other sources:
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Reflexology Research Project - Kevin and Barbara Kunz USA
What you will find here represents the work of Barbara and Kevin Kunz, internationally recognized authorities in reflexology. Barbara and Kevin have been professional hand and foot reflexologists, researchers, authors and innovators for over 30 years. Original foot and hand reflexology charts and information.

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